SÖKES: Spelutvecklare och exjobbare som vill förändra världen!

WANTED: Game developers and ex-jobbers who want to change the world!

WANTED: Game developers and ex-jobbers who want to change the world!

Are you going to do ex-jobs and want to contribute to gender equality, equality and an inclusive world? Then you should apply to this so that we can work together. ⭐👊🏽😊

Together with HiQ in Linköping, we have started a project that is about making games inspired by OLIKA's sports star books . Want to see a game there? Zećira or Hedvig is in goal or where Kosse is the one attacking?

Creating stories inspired by real role models is a fun way to contribute to an inclusive world, something that is needed more than ever. In 2023, the children who were part of the Swedish Football Association's summer school in Östergötland got to try reading and doing quizzes based on the books, what if next year they can also play games with the stars? How cool would that be?

When we started our book series inspired by real-life stars ten years ago, none of the kids we spoke to had a female role model, all the footballers they mentioned were men. We wanted to change that! We wanted more people to know who Rohlin, Lindahl, Asllani, Marta and Schough were.

Today, many children have them as their idols, both girls and boys. But we can do even more, spread their stories in more ways, and that's what this project is all about. Hope you get motivated to apply, or pass on tips to someone you think would be a good fit!

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