Lecture: The book as an eye opener

- In which situations are children treated unequally?
- Gender traps and gender crux
- Practical and simple tips for change!

Join us and learn more about common gender traps, but above all how we can create equality and give all children 100 opportunities instead of just 2. It's about how we empower children to be themselves, as the unique and amazing individuals they are actually are, instead of being hindered by unequal expectations and gender traps.

The lecture is suitable for parents, preschools, schools, associations and anyone who meets children in their work. We adapt the content to your business.

Book training!
Porträtt av Kristina Henkel

Lecturer Kristina Henkel

The lecture is based on the book Give your child 100 opportunities instead of 2, and is given by lecturer and author Kristina Henkel. The book has been called the "gender bible for everyone who wants to achieve equality" and has been translated into Norwegian, Serbian, English, Spanish and Korean.

Kristina is an expert in gender equality and normative creativity and trains and supervises everything from work teams with 10 people to large lectures with 1500 people. Kristina Henkel is well-read, knowledgeable and engaged and offers thought-provoking exercises and many treasures. With Kristina on stage, it won't be boring!

Said about the lecture

Anyone dealing with children should take this course! Simple, fun, so many new thoughts and ideas. The lecturer has great energy and the films are of good quality. Now we want to start making equality!

The course strengthens us as parents, we kind of agree that we want all children to have an equal upbringing, but it's not so easy to know what to do. Now we have received many practical tips and common knowledge to start from and talk about further.