Lecture: Norm creativity, how does it work?

Illustration. Tre barn hoppar upp och ner i en soffa.

Practical methods and tips!

• How do norms affect our behavior?
• Work inclusively - practical tips and methods!
• How do we strengthen children and young people and give them more opportunities?

We all have experiences and expectations that affect our treatment of other people. By making standards visible,
things that we often don't think about, we can question and create an inclusive preschool, school and business where more stories and perspectives can be accommodated. We adapt the training to your business and the age of the children and students you work with.

The lecture is suitable for schools, preschools, organizations and businesses that meet children and young people.

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Tools for creating change

According to the Swedish National Agency for Education, the norm-critical perspective is a key to being able to work long-term with equality, strengthen all children and prevent bullying and harassment. Norm criticism is the analysis based on the different grounds of discrimination and norm creativity is the doing, how we create change. With a norm-creative approach, we can see all people's resources instead of letting ourselves be hindered by stereotypes.

Porträtt av Kristina Henkel

Lecturer Kristina Henkel

Kristina is an expert in gender equality and normative creativity and trains and supervises everything from work teams to large lectures with several hundred people. Kristina Henkel has, among other things, produced the methodology material Alla rätt and the film För en jämställd skola for the Norwegian School Agency, written the books An equal preschool & school and Give your child 100 opportunities instead of 2.

Kristina Henkel is well-read, knowledgeable and engaged and offers thought-provoking exercises and many treasures. With Kristina on stage, it won't be boring!

Speaking of Normcreativity, how does it work?

Great lecturer, engaging and suitably "pushy". Brings up many thoughts in one's own pre-programmed mind. Takes wise thoughts with me and looks forward to working further with standards, inclusion and standard creativity!

So good! I like all the practical examples. Starting to talk about norms, the difference between tolerance and inclusion, has really been an eye opener.

Light and funny lecturer who makes a complicated subject easy to understand. Triggers a lot of thoughts but also ideas. Good with concrete tips on how we can work further. Good that the focus is on practice but that it is supported by theory.

Fantastic joy-spreading lecturer. Kristina Henkel clarifies norm creativity in a simple way. It feels fun and not difficult to work with this. Thanks!

Very good education that arouses many thoughts and feelings. Clear and simple language, inspiring and innovative.