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Football is the world's biggest sport and also an arena for inequality. We want to change that! In our sports series, we highlight stars who have gone their own way, challenged ideas and shaken notions of what is possible. We started with football stars and continued with bandy and athletics. Now we continue to stock up on more sports and stars. On the site Tell your sport story there is fun material, inspiring clips and clever quizzes about the stars.

Emma Green

Friidrottaren Emma Greens rekord i höjdhopp är 2,01 meter. Hon har också ett SM-guld i längdhopp.

2013 åkte Emma till Moskva för att tävla i VM i höjdhopp. Inför alla stora mästerskap dyker det upp frågor som rör mänskliga rättigheter, och den här gången handlade det om Rysslands antigaylagar. Kvällen innan kvalet postade Emma en bild på Instagram på sina nymålade naglar, något som spreds över hela världen. Läs mer om regnbågsnaglarna som blev en världsnyhet här!

Flyg högt, Emma! är inspirerad av Emma Greens barndom och modet att stå upp för människors lika värde.

Boken om Emma

Zećira Mušović

National team goalkeeper Zećira grew up in Helsingborg and previously played for FC Rosengård. Today she plays for Chelsea and the Swedish national team. Of course, she is in Sweden's WC squad in 2023.

The book Dream big, Zećira! is inspired by Zećira Mušović's childhood and will be released in August 2023.

The Book of Zećira

Kosovar Asllani

Kosovare Asllani, or Kosse as she is often called, is one of the big stars in the Swedish national team. She has been a professional in both the French team Paris Saint-German and Manchester City in England, and when the Spanish big club Real Madrid started a women's team, Kosse was the first player they signed.

OLIKA has published three books inspired by Kosovare Asllani's childhood.

Books about Kosse

Hedvig Lindahl

Hedvig Lindahl is the goalkeeper who has played the most international matches ever for the Swedish national team. In addition to being an elite level soccer player, Hedvig is also a goalkeeper coach and helps young goalkeepers develop their game.

OLIKA has published two books inspired by Hedvig Lindahl's childhood.

Books about Hedvig

Olivia Schough

Soccer pro Olivia Schough is the fastest goalscorer ever in the Swedish national team. When Sweden met Moldova in 2015, she scored the 1-0 goal after just 16 seconds!

In addition to playing in the national team, Olivia has also played for the professional clubs Bayern Munich, Rossijanka and Djurgårdens IF.

OLIKA has released three titles inspired by Olivia Schough's childhood.

Books about Olivia

Marta Vieira da Silva

Marta comes from the Brazilian town of Dois Riachos in Alagoas. When she was little, she couldn't go to school or play in any soccer team, because her mother couldn't afford it. But with a lot of cunning and hard work, she managed to both start school and join a football team. As a 16-year-old, Marta made her debut in the Brazilian national team.

Marta has won WC silver and Olympic silver, and has been a professional soccer player in both Sweden and the USA. She has been named the world's best soccer player six times.

OLIKA has published the book Gå på mål Marta, inspired by Marta's childhood and upbringing.

The book about Marta

Nilla Fischer

Nilla Fischer played in Sweden's national team between 2001 and 2022. In 2019, she came home from professional life in Germany to play in the Allsvenskan with Linköpings FC. In 2018, she received the Diamond Ball for being Sweden's best player.

OLIKA has published the title Backa hem Nilla, inspired by Nilla Fischer's childhood.

The book about Nilla

Charlotte Rohlin

Charlotte Rohlin was born in 1980 in Linköping and has always been a real winner.

Charlotte has played over 150 matches for Linköpings Football Club and a total of 77 international matches. She has also been named back of the year two years in a row. Today, Charlotte works as a soccer coach.

OLIKA has published a total of five books inspired by Charlotte Rohlin's childhood.

Books about Charlotte

Behring Safari

Behrang Safari was born in Tehran, Iran. When he was two years old, the family fled to Sweden because of the war between Iran and Iraq. Behrang has, among other things, played in the national team and with Lunds SK. He has won four SM gold with MFF, the Swiss league five times with FC Basel and the Belgian league twice with RSC Anderlecht.

OLIKA has published the book Snygg brytning, Behrang! inspired by Behrang's childhood.

The Book of Behrang

Therese Sjögran

Therese Sjögran comes from Södra Sandby. She is the footballer who has played the second most international matches in Sweden - a whopping 214 matches. Therese played in the national team from the age of 20 to 38 and has been a professional in the USA. Today she is sports manager at FC Rosengård.

OLIKA has published two titles inspired by Therese Sjögran's childhood.

Books about Therese

Khaddi Sagna

Khaddi Sagnia is an elite-level track and field athlete who competes in long jump and short distance running. She grew up in Hjällbo outside Gothenburg and as a 16-year-old already won a gold medal in the triple jump in the Youth Olympics in Singapore.

OLIKA has published the book Which hope, Khaddi! inspired by Khaddi's childhood.

The Book of Khaddi

Linnéa Larsson

Linnéa Larsson was born in Hamar in Norway, but moved to Ljusdal as a child. Linnéa started playing bandy as early as three years old and it quickly became the best thing she knew. In the summers when there was no ice, she played soccer, and as a 15-year-old she moved to Stockholm to focus on both bandy and soccer.

Linnéa was so good at both bandy and soccer that she played in the national team for both sports. With AIK, Linnéa has won two SM golds.

OLIKA has published two titles inspired by Linnéa Larsson's childhood.

Books about Linnaeus