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Porträtt av Lady Busty och Miss Shameless som håller i boken Konrad lussar

Invite to story time with Dragqueens

Hurray! Now all preschools can offer a magical story time with Dragqueens. All that is needed is to gather the children at a screen, pick out fruit and press play! Each story time is about 20-30 minutes long.

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Fill up with new knowledge

We all carry with us different experiences and expectations that affect our treatment of other people. By giving the entire work team the opportunity to take part in our books and trainings, you create a common foundation to stand on, which strengthens both adults and children.

Do like Haninge

When Haninge wanted to fill the bookshelf with representation, we put together ready-made packages with norm-creative books, posters, figures and work materials. Everything was sent out to the respective preschool and we kept up with the entire process, from selection to delivery. Get in touch and we'll help you too!

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