Photo, film & sound

What is a digital world without photos, film and sound? The funny thing about digitization is that we are expanding our collaboration partners. The stories are still the focus, but the formats vary. The next step will be to set our stories to sound, and we anticipate that it will be a challenge. What does a norm-creative story sound like? What voice does Marulksmia, Kivi or Abel speak in the school of happiness?
Porträttbild av Angelika Prick i rosa och blå kavaj och rosa simglasögon på huvudet.

Angelika Prick

For many, Angelika Prick is one of the presenters of Summer Vacation on SVT. She also works as an actor at, among others, the Stadsteatern in Stockholm. For OLIKA, she has read the three books about the soccer star Kosse Asllani.

"When I was little I thought it was scary to read aloud, but today it's my job and I think it's fun! Especially when I get to do different characters.”

Tove Rosander sitter vid en pallkrage med sallad, blå himmel i bakgrunden.

Tove Rosander

Tove works as a filmmaker and as a farmer. It is Tove who has filmed, edited and cut our digital trainings and Storytimes with Dragqueens. Tove has previously worked with UR and is a star at filming educationally and neatly with an extra eye for presence and details in the background. When Tove is not filming, she develops and runs micro-farming in Stockholm and holds exciting training courses on vegetable growing.

Garagefilms logga och Alvdis och Hamsa mot svart bakgrund.

Garage Film International

Award-winning film company run by Mimmi Spång, Rebecka Lafrenz and Anna-Maria Kantarius. Together we are looking for support to make an animated film of the emotional story series with Alvdis and Hamsa illustrated by Bettina Johansson.

Garage movie collaborates with some of Sweden's most exciting directors and wants to make an impression with strong stories, high artistic ambitions and a voice of its own.

Porträttbild av Nathalie Turesson och Nicholas Wakeham mot pastellfärgad bakgrund

VY Movie

A Malmö-based production company run by Nathalie Turesson and Nicholas Wakeham. Together we are looking for support to animate and film our fantastic pirates!

Nathalie Turesson is educated at Konstfack and has solid experience in animating, including in animation projects for film and television, both in Sweden and the USA. Nicholas Wakeham is educated at Stockholm Film School and Biskops Arnö. Among other things, he has produced the Kspecial documentary The winner takes all for SVT.

Alice Johansson

Alice Johansson is the photographer who took and filmed our lovely product images and videos for this site. So many cool places there are in Gothenburg where she is based. And so many cool kids!

Porträttbild av Isabelle Höjman.

Isabelle Höjman

Isabelle is a journalist who also creates documentaries and sound design. She has previously worked with the A-rating of films. Isabelle is currently working on a project where she provides sound for our beloved pirates.