Author - Anders Alzén

Författare - Anders Alzén

Who is Anders Alzén ?

Anders Alzén grew up in Västerås, but now lives in Stockholm. I don't want to play by myself! - the first book about Mirjam and her family - was his debut as a children's book author at OLIKA. Pierre, who is in love with Mirjam's mother, is not an evil stepparent like in old fairy tales, but an ordinary bonus dad who likes to play with Mirjam. Well decided! - the second book about Mirjam - came out in February 2016. In the spring of 2017, the popular books were collected in a collection volume.

"I'm a bonus dad myself and I think more books are needed that show that families can look different. Then I became friends with my character Mirjam. She's strong-willed, self-effacing and someone I like."