Author - Anna-Clara Tidholm

Författare - Anna-Clara Tidholm

Who is Anna-Clara Tidholm ?

Anna-Clara made her debut in 1970 and has been awarded several times for her works. Among other things, she received the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 1997, the August Prize in 2002 (for Goodbye, Mr. Muffin which was published on Bonnier Carlsen the same year) and in 2010 she was nominated for the prestigious literature prize the HC Andersen Medal for "lasting contribution to children's literature".

At OLIKA, she has published the book Min familj, designed by Mia Lidbom, who in 2002 received the award Excellent Swedish Form for the photo book Frmakallat.

Anna-Clara about the idea for the book

"I simply had an idea to make a very contemporary book about families. For young children, the family is very important, it is like almost the whole world before you have seen so much of the world! We may think that families look very different - but how what one's own family looks like is obvious to the small child. I try to have a very pronounced child's perspective in the book, a toddler's perspective you might say. Simple and obvious."