Author - Åsa Karsin

Författare - Åsa Karsin

Who is Åsa Karsin ?

Åsa Karsin is a well-known children's book author, with titles published by, among others, Bonnier Carlsen, Alfabeta and Eriksson and Lindgren publishers. She also works with radio, television and has illustrated school material. For OLIKA, Åsa has written The worst fart, Lolly! which became one of the publisher's first books at the start in 2007.

"When you're little and hear a story for the first time, it's not always the point of the story that's important, but the whole story around it and how it's told.
Once Dad stood up at a party and asked how to tell if girls have IUDs. Then he jumped up and down like a steel spring, while everyone laughed their heads off. Later, I retold this story in first grade fun class. The miss blushed while her classmates scratched their heads. So I also jumped up and down and sounded like a bouncing spring. The whole class, who were excited and giggling with the atmosphere, also jumped up and down between the benches. I couldn't stop jumping myself, so the missus had to call my dad so he could come and pick me up in my bouncing. Of course, I couldn't explain why it was so funny. But it is wonderful that you can tell and interpret a text in many ways. That is why I will never stop telling stories.”