Illustratör - Bettina Johansson

Illustratör - Bettina Johansson

Who is Bettina Johansson ?

Bettina Johansson lives in Ödeshög in Östergötland, where she runs a studio. For OLIKA, she has, among other things, illustrated the books in the Känslodeckar series, the books about Kivi and My embarrassing family. It is also Bettina who has illustrated the books about national team star Charlotte Rohlin's childhood.

The latest book that Bettina has drawn for OLIKA is Miriam and the magical sweater - A collaboration with Johan and John Valencia, who run the popular Instagram account @pappapappadotter.

Bettina about Kivi

"Children who read the book can more easily identify with Kivi when it doesn't have to be either she or he. The child can decide for himself or ignore which one and just take Kivi for the child Kivi is. That it is a colorful and crazy family that Kivi has love and I think Kivi's family is what the rest of us would like to be if we only dared. They kind of don't care what other people think of them."