Author - Ebba Berg

Författare - Ebba Berg

Who is Ebba Berg ?

Ebba Berg is a trained journalist and screenwriter. During almost her entire adult life, she has worked with books in various ways, including in bookstores and at publishers. For a few years now, she has been freelancing as a translator and editor. She has also participated as a producer, screenwriter and researcher in a number of radio productions for Sveriges Radio.

Ebba debuted as a children's book author in 2014 when she published the first book in the series about the children in Lyckeskolan: Who is in love with Abel Svensson? Since then, she has written ten more books about Abel's various classmates.

Ebba about the children in the school of happiness

"From the beginning I only knew Abel, and it was incredibly fun to get to know all his classmates as well. Together with Carl who illustrates and Karin who is the editor, I found them and Lyckeskolan. It was of course exciting to find out what they look like, where they live and so on. But as usual, I think it's the most fun to know what's on their mind. I hope I'll get a chance to tell a little bit about each of them, so that you too get to know them."