Author - Jennifer Wegerup

Författare - Jennifer Wegerup

Who is Jennifer Wegerup ?

Jennifer Wegerup is a writer and journalist. She writes and reports on football for SVT, Expressen and the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport, among other things.

For OLIKA, Jennifer has written the books about Olivia Schough. Charlotte Rohlin and Hedvig Lindahl. She has also written the fact book Koll på fotboll.

Jennifer has played soccer herself for seventeen years and coaches her two daughters on their team. Today, Jennifer lives in Stockholm, but like Olivia Schough, she comes from the Falkenberg region.

Jennifer on writing about the stars

"It is so wonderful to write about stars like Olivia, Charlotte and Hedvig, and so important. When I was a kid, girls had to fight to play football. But everyone should have the right to it, on the same terms. I want to contribute to the fact that there are more books with girls who are self-evident soccer players. It is time for their stories to be heard.”