Author - Lisa Broberg

Författare - Lisa Broberg

Who is Lisa Broberg ?

Lisa Broberg is a person who is heard and talks a lot. Injustice makes her very angry and earthworms are the worst thing she knows. Rain, sleep-in mornings, books, coffee and kittens, on the other hand, make her very warm in the heart. At OLIKA, Lisa has published the chapter book Allt mod jag har, about Rakel who has a secret that weighs several tons.

Lisa gets new ideas every day. If she hears someone talking on the phone on the subway or sees a picture of someone she thinks looks interesting. She usually thinks, for example; "What would happen if a child ended up alone at a train station." Then just start writing to find out the answers!

Why did you want to write this book?

Because it is so common for parents to drink too much alcohol, but not nearly as common for their children, who usually find it incredibly difficult, to dare to tell someone. It is often an unnecessary secret. I wanted to write about a child whose parent is both wonderful and an alcoholic. I also want to show that this child can be anyone. Rakel could be you, your funny classmate or best friend.

How do you know Rachel?

This is not an autobiography, but like Rakel, I have experience with alcoholism. And we are quite similar in other ways. We both have freckles, for example, and my first really good friends were twins, but I'm not Rakel and Tove is not my parent.

The most fun was getting to know all the characters, who kind of lived their own lives while I was writing. Rakel did a little that she herself felt like and it certainly wasn't always the same thing as I had planned.