Illustratör - Lisa Säfve Chantem

Illustratör - Lisa Säfve Chantem

Who is Lisa Säfve Chantem ?

Lisa Säfve Chantem has been drawing since she was a child. She knew early on that she wanted to go to art school, and she did.

In the series about Malva, Lisa Säfve Chantem and the author Malin Eriksson let us meet a child with stubbornness and strong will who takes her first steps into the world of equestrian sports, together with her hesitant father and cheered on by her grandmother - who gives her support by connecting to the family's history as travelers.

In the spring of 2017, OLIKA also published the Malva books translated into travel romance. The books are called Malva ta gräjerna (Malva & the horses), Malva site kli (Malva begins to ride) and Malva dre stanjan (Malva in the stable). The books are translated by Eleonor Frankemo.

Lisa about Malva

"For me, drawing is a kind of meditation where time and space disappear. I can sit for hours without noticing what is going on around me. Malva has many layers and is not only about a child who wants to ride, it is also about daring, dreaming and that we are all different, yet so similar.”