Illustratör - Maria Borgelöv

Illustratör - Maria Borgelöv

Who is Maria Borgelöv ?

Maria Borgelöv lives in Malmö and is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Maria has a degree in Graphic Technology and Media Production and has studied both cartooning and picture book creation. She has always loved fairy tales and picture books and thinks it's great fun to finally get to work illustrating for children.

Maria Borgelöv is the one who drew the pictures in Rött kort, Therese! and Snygg fine, Therese! which is inspired by national team star Therese Sjögran's childhood. She has also given life to Miriam and her family in the book Good, determined!

Mary about Miriam

"In Mirjamboken, I started thinking about the people's entire world, what they like to do, what music they listened to and what they like to eat for breakfast. It was also fun to reflect a modern family!"