Illustratör - Mia Olofsson

Illustratör - Mia Olofsson

Who is Mia Olofsson ?

Mia Olofsson has lived in Borås, Ulricehamn, Jönköping and Gothenburg. At the moment she lives in Paris. For OLIKA, Mia has illustrated the books When we sleep, When we play and When we became one more. In the books, we get to follow three different children who ponder what the adults actually do when the children sleep? Or when the children are playing? And who or what is growing in mom's belly – a sibling, a scary troll or maybe a dragon?

"I am inspired a lot in everyday life, for example by people I see in the city. People with unusual combinations of clothes or just a cute lady with a stylish jacket and beret can make me smile. Beautiful environments and places, buildings, art and museums but also of images on Pinterest."

Do you have a favorite illustration?

The picture from When we sleep, when the adults have a party and the whole spread is filled with characters of all kinds. I remember so clearly when I illustrated that spread. I was trapped in my small apartment in Paris during the corona lockdown in the spring of 2020 and the picture became a good pastime with all the details and different people.

Another favorite image is from When We Became One, when the children eat sausages and ride the dragon over the rooftops.

What do you want the reader to take with them after reading the book?

I hope that the reader feels that they have been able to identify with the story in some way, either with people or events or both. I also want to give the feeling that the reader never really finished the book, but wants to read it over and over again and discover new things. Maybe details in the illustrations they haven't seen before or that they make new associations as the reader gets older and experiences new things in their own life. Finally, I also wish that the books inspired to fantasize more, both in adults and children!