Book guide: My embarrassing family at a party

How embarrassing can adults get?

Hooray, today is a party! Emir's birthday. Mother and grandmother want to come along. But Emir's father says no. It's just for kids. But mother and grandmother do not give up so easily.

Always 3 things
1. Questions about the book for the children
2. Normkoll for the adults
3. Connection to the school's curriculum

Questions about the book

1. Mother and grandmother do not listen when Emir's father says no. Have you experienced that adults don't care about a no, but do what they want anyway?

2. Emir's father likes to dress up when there is a party. How do you usually dress when it's extra festive? Do you have any favorite clothes?

3. Mother and grandmother are embarrassing. Do you also have an adult whom you find embarrassing? Who is it and what do you do when it gets embarrassing?

4. Emir likes things that sparkle. What do you like?

5. The bags for the fish pond run out when mom and grandma also want candy. Siv thinks that is unfair! Have you ever felt unfairly treated? What happened then?

6. How many steps do you see in the picture leading up to Emir's door? How many steps do you have to your door?

7. There are six children at the party. How many different skin colors can you see? Who are you most like? How would you describe your skin color?

8. One of the gifts says vegan. Do you know what it means? Have you seen anything that says vegan?

Normkoll: About mischievous women

How are women? In different ways of course! But in the children's books, they are above all caring and responsible. But women can also be mischievous, adventurous and downright embarrassing. With this series, it is easy to work with equality, and talk about expectations not only for children but also for adults.

Normkoll: About representation

In a class there are a variety of children with different skin colors, family relationships, functional variations and living conditions. Nevertheless, there are still many children's books where only a few children get to be represented and seen. At Emir's party, all children are different, just like in real life. Depicting these differences in pictures gives more children the opportunity to reflect, something that is the basis for good self-esteem.

What does the school curriculum say?

"Teachers must make visible and discuss with the students how different ideas about what is female and male can affect people's opportunities and how gender patterns can limit their own life choices and living conditions." Lgr22