Book guide: Who is that making noise?

Leksaker bredvid en kopia av Vem är det som låter - Bilderbok 0-2 år - OLIKA förlag - Författare: Karin Salmson & Marie Tomicic - Illustratör: Anna Tim

A horse with boots and a pig with a tiara

In the reference book Who is it that sounds? let the child guess which sound belongs to which animal. At the end of the book there is a counting exercise where the children learn to count to ten. The book is full of playful illustrations of different animals with fun details in the form of names and artifacts that broaden norms.

Questions about animals

In the book we get to meet many different animals. Both big and small.

* Do you have a favorite animal?

* Do any animals live at your home?

* Which animal in the book do you like the most?

Questions about names and clothes

In the book there are many different names and clothes.

* What's your name?

* Which of the names of the animals in the book do you like the most?

* The animals also wear different things. Which one would you choose to wear?

About name and gender

Foad the fly, Kodjo the cat and Katinka the cow are some of the animals we get to meet in the book. Taken together, they show a wide variety of names and expressions that broaden norms. Often large and strong animals are referred to as male, while small animals are female. That stereotype is challenged in the book. Each animal also has a detail that broadens the picture of how we can dress and look, regardless of gender. Foad wears flowery boots, and Gabriel the pig wears a tiara.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool has a responsibility to counteract gender patterns that limit children's development, choices and learning. How the preschool organizes the education, how the children are treated and what demands and expectations are placed on the children contribute to shaping their perceptions of what is female and male. The preschool must therefore organize the education so that the children meet, play and learn together, and test and develop their abilities and interests, with the same opportunities and on equal terms, regardless of gender." Lpfö 2018