Checklist for treatment

Questions & tips!

Use the child's name or the word child instead of she, he, girl or boy.

What routines do you have to affirm all children and adults in a positive way?

How do you encourage children to be caring and helpful?

Ask open questions and you show interest without evaluating something as better or worse; How are you thinking? What are you drawing? How did it feel?

Make all children potential mates. What activities and with whom do you suggest they play

Introduce yes rules for what we are allowed to do, instead of no rules.

Change the word not to no. Instead of a statement, talk about what it is you want the child to do.

Train children to put different feelings into words. Practice together different ways of showing emotions.

Is every child's no worth the same? How do you practice accepting when a person says no?

Teach all children what consent is. How does one know that someone
wants? What should one do if one is unsure?

How do you talk about love? Give more love opportunities than the heteronorm.

What methods do you have to distribute the space so that all children can practice giving and taking space?

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