Debate for sustainability

How active is OLIKA in the debate?

Together we can make an impact! By participating in the debate and highlighting the climate crisis and possible solutions, we can help speed up the transition. Above all, the book industry has been criticized for being far too slow in the transition, it is too quiet.

Why don't we make the same demands on the publishers as on, for example, the clothing companies? There is the question of the materials used, how it is produced and where it is produced. What if we could start asking the same questions when we buy or borrow books from the libraries? The more we talk about it, the faster the transition will happen!

Is OLIKA involved in Fossil-free Sweden?
Yes, in 2018 we joined A fossil-free Sweden . On the one hand, we wanted to show that we were committed and wanted to change, and on the other hand, we wanted to find partners who could help us take more steps in climate work. Because without distributors who operate fossil-free shipping, it is difficult for OLIKA to do anything.

Is OLIKA involved in research projects on sustainability?
Yes, OLIKA was one of 31 companies interviewed about their sustainability work by researchers. The article was published in 2020, read more here: Addressing Climate Change the Nordic Way

Is Bokmässan an actor that drives sustainability in the book industry?
It doesn't seem so. In 2019, the book fair received criticism for not talking about the book's own climate footprint at all, even though there is a great opportunity for them to highlight it. The book fair itself did not think that the responsibility lay with them, what do you think? Read the article here: The book's climate footprint nothing for the book fair

Why is it important for OLIKA that the industry changes?
Everyone wants to be part of a sustainable industry, and in Sweden there are all the possibilities. That's why it's frustrating that it's going so slowly. If there are many of us who demand fossil-free transport, there will be more of them, if there are more of us who print on recycled paper, the supply will increase and prices will go down. It is only together that we can make big changes.

OLIKA debates sustainable production

In recent years, we have debated a few times, now at the latest in 2022 in connection with the annual Book Fair in Gothenburg. This year, the climate was one of three themes for the entire fair, but the question of how and from what the books sold were produced and what climate footprint they have still shined.

What is the Swedish book industry doing for the climate?
Debate in the industry magazine Boktugg where OLIKA raises the climate issue

Print on recycled paper - let the forest stand!
Debate in Aftonbladet 2022 where we urge all publishers to change and print their books on recycled paper.

Call from authors and illustrators
More people are starting to make their voices heard and want sustainable production. The authors and illustrators are numerous and can make demands on the publishers. We find it inspiring and hope that many will want to choose DIFFERENT, precisely because of our active sustainability work. Read the article here: Do not clear natural forest to make our books