Debate for the climate

How does OLIKA create opinion for climate change?

In addition to changing our own production, we are working to get other publishers to also take the issue of change seriously. We share the knowledge we have gained ourselves and ask questions to others, all to increase the pace of the transition. We are also debating so that more people who buy books should ask the question of how they are produced, and what climate footprint they have. Unlike, for example, the fashion industry or the food industry, the book industry lags behind. We rarely get questions about what the book is produced, in what way, in which factories, or in which part of the world. We hope that will change!

What is the Swedish book industry doing for the climate?
( B October, 2020)

Print on recycled paper - let the forest stand!
(Aftonbladet, 2022)

It is inspiring that more people are debating in the book industry, here are authors and illustrators raising their voices:

Do not clear natural forest to make our books
(The Express, 2021)

Is OLIKA involved in research projects as well?

Yes, we like research and knowledge. OLIKA started as a result of Professor Lena Kåreland's research that showed how stereotypically girls and boys were portrayed in children's literature. Therefore, it is always obvious to say yes when we are asked to participate in research projects. We are one of 31 companies that were selected for the study that was presented in the following article:

Addressing Climate Change the Nordic Way

In 2018, OLIKA joined the initiative Ett fossilfritt Sweden, to gain focus and inspiration, and to learn from other actors who also want to change. We cannot wait for the politicians, as a company we must act on our own and do what we think is necessary.