Agenda 2030

How does OLIKA contribute to Agenda 2030?

Agenda 2030 consists of 17 global goals for sustainable development and the world's leaders have pledged to achieve these goals by the year 2030. The goal is to create a more just, sustainable and simply better world. It is only together that we can eradicate poverty, stop climate change and create peaceful and safe societies. At OLIKA, we mainly contribute to goals 5, 10, 12, 13 and 16.

GOAL 5: Equality
Increasing gender equality was the reason OLIKA was started in the first place and we continue to challenge stereotypes in all the books we publish. There are so many ways to be she and he and she. We also train and supervise pedagogues, teachers and librarians so that they can achieve gender equality in their activities.

GOAL 10: Reduced inequality
We want all children to be represented on the bookshelf, from different skin colors to family forms. Because what happens to the person who never recognizes the books? Or that is always reflected in a negative way? We also work to train pedagogues and teachers in challenging stereotypes in a norm-creative way.

GOAL 12: Sustainable consumption and production
We work actively to create sustainable production and to reach net zero carbon dioxide. We also encourage everyone to borrow books from libraries, to recycle the book properly and to buy books with recycled paper.

GOAL 13: Combat climate change
Here we work in the same way as in goal 12, we have active climate work to reduce our climate footprint.

GOAL 16: Peaceful and inclusive societies
We believe that seeing what is different as an asset, and not as something negative, contributes to an inclusive society. With our books and our educations, we contribute to an inclusive society.