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Porträtt av Kristina Henkel

About Kristina Henkel

Kristina is an expert on gender equality and normative creativity and a valued lecturer. Among other things, Kristina has produced the methodology materials Alla rätt and För en jämställd skola for the Swedish National Agency for Education, as well as written the books En jämställd preschool and Give your child 100 opportunities instead of 2. Kristina Henkel is well-read, knowledgeable and committed and offers thought-provoking exercises and practical methods.

Light and funny lecturer who makes a complicated subject easy to understand. Triggers a lot of thoughts but also ideas. Good with concrete tips on how we can work further. Good that the focus is on practice but that it is supported by theory.

Highly recommended! A very good and informative training. Raises many thoughts and reflections. It's great that it doesn't stop at describing the problems, but that the focus is on what we can do and how we can do it to create change!

The course is well thought out with a fun mix of practice and theory. Good connection to the various grounds of discrimination, racism, inequality and more. Raises many thoughts about different situations and how we can change.

It feels good that all colleagues get the same foundation of knowledge to stand on and that we can work on this together. The spectator approach and the collective perspective really make a difference. Now we can change the standards at the school instead of each teacher trying to struggle with this all by himself.

Great lecturer, engaging and suitably "pushy". Brings up many thoughts in one's own pre-programmed mind. Pledge wise thoughts and look forward to working further with standards, inclusion and standard creativity!