Book guide: Back home, Nilla!

Hang out with soccer star Nilla Fischer

The new football season is off to a great start! Nilla will be allowed to play nine against nine instead of seven against seven. The team also gets a new coach, and it is none other than Zawadi Oduya, the national team legend from Verum! But it doesn't turn out exactly as Nilla imagined. Zawadi has completely different plans for Nilla than she has for herself.

Questions about the book

1. For Nilla, it is important to do well when she plays. Is there something you like to do well at? How do you feel if things don't go as expected?

2. When Nilla has to compete in table tennis, she gets very nervous. Have you ever gotten so nervous? What can be good about getting nervous? What could be less good, do you think?

3. Nilla cares a lot about what others think of her. Have you ever felt like Nilla? Do you feel that you care about what others think of you?

4. Nilla finds it difficult to read Evin, she does not know what she is thinking or feeling. Do you know someone who is hard to read? Do you know if you are difficult, or easy, to read?

5. Nilla becomes unsure if she should even play football, even though she loves the sport. Have you ever felt disappointed? What was the cause?

6. Evin tells Nilla that she doesn't "pall ... when you're always so hard on yourself." What do you think she is referring to here? Do you feel that you are hard on yourself? In what contexts then? How does it make you feel?

7. Nilla gets happy from Evin, from being close to her. Is there someone you like to be close to and who makes you happy? What is it about the person that you like? Why do you think?

8. Zawadi tells Nilla that "football is a team game" and that "alone is not strong". What do you think she wants to say here? Why do you think she says that to Nilla?

9. According to Nilla, football is the best thing in the world. Is there a sport you like to play? What do you like about that particular sport? Do you prefer team sports, or individual sports? Why then, do you think?

10. Nilla means blue in Farsi and Urdu, and Evin means love in Kurdish. How many languages ​​do you know? If you were to learn to speak another language, which one would you learn?

National football team

European Championship 2022 semi-final against England.

Olympic 2021 silver.

WC 2019 Sweden won the bronze medal match against England 2-1.

EC 2017 quarter-final.

In the 2016 Olympics, Sweden won against home nation Brazil in the semi-finals after penalty kicks and won the silver medal.

European Championship 2013 semi-final with Denmark.

In 2018, Nilla Fischer wins the Diamat Ball in soccer and gives a fiery speech in which she said, among other things , "Never stop fighting for equality and feel no debt of gratitude, because we deserve so much more!"