Book guide: The hunt

Join us on a fast-paced hunt

What is right and what is wrong? Is it okay to take something that one needs? Join us on an exciting adventure that raises many important questions and thoughts. Based on the book's "surprise" on the final page, the children can think about actions, underlying factors and what can make people do things that break rules and laws.

Questions about stealing

At the beginning of the book, the red figure takes a fruit.
- Why do you think she does that?
- How do you think the red figure feels when she takes a fruit?
- Have you ever taken anything? How did it feel?

In the book, the red figure is almost taken. It's a dangerous hunt through dark holes, over fire and high in the air.
- What do you think has made the character do such dangerous things, just to keep the fruit?

At the beginning of the book, a blue figure shouts: "Catch the thief!"
- Have you ever played thief and police? What do you think of that game? What's funny about it? What's not fun about it?

Norms around being a mother

When books are about younger children, it is more common for mothers to be present in the story than for fathers to be. The mothers are more often caring, and the fathers are more often mischievous. There are many different ways to be a parent. Understanding that parents' actions and roles are not predetermined is a way of being able, as a child, to begin a process of creating your own ideas about what a possible parenting could be like. In this book, the image of what is possible to do as a mother is shaken. The mother in the book can both break rules and be caring at the same time.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop: openness, respect, solidarity and responsibility, the ability to take into account and empathize with other people's situations and the desire to help others, the ability to discover, reflect on and take a stand on ethical dilemmas and everyday life issues.” Lpfö 2018