Book guide: Konrad and the caramels

Do you also like sweets?

Hedvig has received candies, but not Konrad. Unfair? An exciting book about justice to share and a mischievous grandmother.

Questions about sharing

Konrad asks Hedvig if he can taste Hedvig's candy. Have you ever shared something with someone else?

Why do you think Hedvig says stop, when Konrad wants to taste even more caramels? And do you think Hedvig is right to say stop and no? Why? Why not?

Konrad nags Hedvig to taste more caramels. How do you think Hedvig feels then? Have you pestered someone about something you wanted or wanted to do? What happened then?

Konrad and Hedvig argue with each other, but also have fun together. Do you have someone you both argue with and have fun with?

Questions about clothes and family

Konrad and Hedvig are outside. They are wearing tank tops, shorts and skirts. What do you like to wear in the summer?

Summer is one of the four different seasons. Do you know who the other three are? One of the seasons is winter. What kind of outdoor clothing do you usually wear in the winter?

Hedvig and Konrad are with their grandmother. Do you think they are siblings? Or maybe cousins? Do you think they live with their grandmother, or are they visiting? Why do you think that?

Family norms

In this book we see two children with their grandmother. We don't know if they are siblings or not, and we don't know if they live with their grandmother or if they are visiting. By leaving the framework for the relationships loose, different children can make different assumptions and at the same time find ways to identify.

Tips for all adults! Make conscious choices so that many different family forms are represented on the bookshelf. Being able to take part in other family forms than one's own is also a way of opening up to an awareness of many different ways of living and being, and creating new inclusive family norms. With the help of books, children can meet the diversity that exists, even if we do not have all family forms in our own network or at our own preschool.

The preschool curriculum

"The work team at the preschool must stimulate the children's interaction and help and support them to process conflicts, clear up misunderstandings, compromise and respect each other." Lpfö 2018