Book guide: Play inside

Teddy, the wagon and bricks

In the book Leka inne, we meet many different children who play with different kinds of things. In play, children can practice feelings, relationships, characteristics and roles. The game also allows us to develop the body, such as balance, muscles and courage.

Questions about play and identification

The children in the book all look different, but also the same. Which child do you think you are most like?

The children play with different things. What games would you like to try?

All the children in the book play alone. Do you prefer playing alone or with others? Are there games best suited to playing alone and are there games best suited to playing together?

About ethnicity

We live in a society where ethnic diversity is a matter of course, but in the picture book world there is still a lack of reflection of society as it looks today and it is a majority of white children and white adults who are seen in children's literature. In the books Leka inne and Leka ute there are children with different skin colors, different hair and different ethnicities. Recognition is an important aspect of both reading and creating a love of reading.

Tip! Consider choosing books that include children and adults of different skin colors and ethnicities.

About toys

A quick analysis in a toy store unfortunately points out that the division of what girls and boys are expected to play with is stereotypical. It also becomes clear that there are no toys that have brown or black skin color. Together we can change that and give children more opportunities!

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool has a responsibility to counteract gender patterns that limit children's development, choices and learning. How the preschool organizes the education, how the children are treated and what demands and expectations are placed on the children contribute to shaping their perceptions of what is female and male. The preschool must therefore organize the education so that the children meet, play and learn together, and test and develop their abilities and interests, with the same opportunities and on equal terms, regardless of gender." Lpfö 2018