Book guide: Mix builds

What would you like to build?

It is exciting to build different things and to create. Mix can do anything and this book sparks children's interest in building!

Questions about building and learning new things

Mix builds a shed. Can you think of more things one can build? Have you ever built anything?

Mix knows how to build a car. Why do you think she can? How can one learn things? Do you remember anything you learned?

The neighbor asks Mix for help. Why do you think she does that? Have you ever helped someone with something? How did it feel?

Mix has many different tools. Which ones can you find? Have you ever used a tool? Have you seen someone use a tool?

Questions about building and security

Everyone on the construction site wears a helmet. Why do you think they have it? When do you usually wear a helmet?

There is a construction manager at the construction site. Why do you think there is a person called a boss? What can a manager do? And is it good that there is a boss?

Exercise! Building together is fun! And if the children can use a hammer and nails, you can also do carpentry together. Start by drawing and figure out what you are going to build. Carve everything together and finish by painting what you have created. Talk about the different tools and what they can be used for.

Draw! Create your own toolbox using cardboard and paper. Draw different tools and put them in the box.

Norms around skin color

Most children's books feature children and adults who have beige skin. We want to change that so that more children and adults with brown and black skin color appear in books. We want all children to be able to find reflection and role models who look like they do themselves. A tendency is also that when there are children who have brown or black skin, it is only one of the characters. It creates a feeling that that particular child is the exception, the one that stands out. Through this imbalance, the books send the message about who is allowed to be seen and who is important. In order for us to see ourselves and each other as equal, we therefore need more stories with children and adults with brown and black skin.

Norms around professions and skills

Boys and men are encouraged via traditional gender roles to build and construct. While girls and women, according to the same tradition, are linked to taking care of and nurturing. Both things have their values ​​and places in a society, but they are often valued differently and the difference is also visible in the pay envelope. Being someone who builds and constructs and creates things that are visible and lasting is a way of taking a place in the public space. Something that men are also socially expected to do to a greater extent than women. By portraying a girl who builds things, and who of course handles tools, girls are offered a technical and creative role to reflect themselves in, and boys get technical girls to look up to.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop the ability to discover and explore technology in everyday life, and the ability to build, create and construct using different techniques, materials and tools." Lpfö 2018