Book guide: The pirates and the winter hunt

What has happened to the climate?

Directors munch on blueberry pie and fire up in their factory.

Will Helle Hajtand, Katinka Krok, Marulks-Mia, Olga Os, Ragnhild Rysare, Samira Svärdslukare and Tilde Träben be able to stop the directors and stop the climate crisis?

Questions about animals and the environment

The pirates all look different! Is there a pirate that you think is similar to you? In what ways are you alike?

The factory is destroying the oceans! Why do they do that, do you think? What do you think happens to the animals that live in the oceans? What do you think we can do to make the animals feel good? Is there anything you usually do that is kind to animals?

The sun shines brightly on the melting icicles. What do you think will happen if all the ice melts? Where do you think all the water would go? Why do you think the ice is important?

The directors promise never to use the dirt factory again. They come up with "a nicer plan". What do you think that means?

Questions about food, fish and the sea

Helle Hajtand makes pea soup for everyone on the ship. Have you ever cooked? What did you cook? Did you get to share your food?

A dead fish is bobbing in the water. Can you name any fish? Which one then? Have you seen a real fish? Do you remember where?

The pirates sail across the seas. What do you find exciting about the oceans? What do you think is in the oceans?

The pirates save the winter! What do you like about winter? Why do you think? What do you think is less fun about winter? Why?

About adventure

Which adventurers do you know? Ester Blenda Nordström was an adventurer who lived 1891-1948. She was a journalist and author and Sweden's first investigative reporter. She signed under the signature Bansai and has, among other things, inspired Astrid Lindgren for the Pippi Longstocking books. She was part of the farmers' train, saved thousands of starving people in Finland, fought for women's suffrage and climbed mountains in Argentina and Chile, among other places.

Eva Dickson's whole life was one big adventure. Eva challenged the men's society of the time regarding what women should, can and must do. She also inspired and pushed the boundaries of all of Europe by constantly undertaking new adventures. She is best known for her 40-day long drive in 1932 from Nairobi to Stockholm.

About climate and environment

In 2022, children and young people are suing the Swedish state because they are failing in their work with the climate. The Swedish state does not take into account children and young people's right to life, health and development in accordance with the European Convention, the Form of Government and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In several countries, children have sued the state for lack of climate measures and have won the right against the state.

The climate crisis is acute and we must find new ways to relate to nature and the earth's resources, and thus change our way of life and our consumption patterns. We all have a responsibility to get involved in the environment and climate so that we can change together for a sustainable future.

The preschool curriculum

"A positive belief in the future must characterize education. The education should give the children the opportunity to acquire an ecological and careful approach to their surrounding environment and to nature and society. The children must also be given the opportunity to develop knowledge about how the various choices that people make can contribute to sustainable development - both economically and socially as well as environmentally." Lpfö 2018