Book Guide: The Pirates and the Rainbow Treasure

Is there a treasure at the end of the rainbow?

The pirates and the rainbow treasure is an exciting book in rhyme. Hang out with Helle Hajtand, Katinka Krok, Marulks-Mia, Olga Os, Ragnhild Rysare, Samira Svardslukare and Tilde Träben!

Questions about pirates

The pirates take turns wearing the pirate hat. Do you think there is a leader among the pirates or do they all get to decide equally? Can it be good at some point to have someone in charge? When is it good to decide together?

On the pirate ship there are many different pirates. How do you think it's good to be a pirate? In what ways are the pirates in the book similar to each other? In what ways are they different?

The pirates sing a creepy pirate song when they are happy. What do you usually do when you are happy? Tell me about something that makes you happy.

Marulks-Mia says that "No one is free until everyone is free". What do you think she means by that? Do you think it is important to help each other? Why? Why not?

The pirates have different names. What would your name be if you were a pirate?

Questions about being naked, flags and boats

All pirates bathe naked. When are you usually naked? What would it be like if there were no clothes do you think?

Samira Swordsman waves a white curtain when they arrive at the old woman on the island. Why does she do that, do you think? Do you know what a white flag means? Why do you think pirate ships often have a skull on their flag?

The pirates can go wherever they want with their ship. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go?

Tilde Träben, Katinka Krok and the other pirates go out to sea. Have you been on board a boat? Are there any special rules that apply when on a boat? Do you know what starboard and port mean?

About play

There is a myth that girls play best in pairs. Playing just two has its positive sides, but adults' expectations that girls can't play more limit them. One consequence is that many girls experience the type of competition and competition, which can arise outside the safer, smaller relationship, as something negative. In addition, fixed roles and clear rules of the game are often formed in a best friend relationship, which can prevent the children from practicing new roles and characteristics. Therefore, encourage all children to sometimes play in a large group where the children can practice interaction, to express themselves in a large group and to listen to others. In the same way, there can be advantages to working and playing less, as the relationship exercises and communication are intensified. In this book, a large gang consisting only of women is portrayed, something that is rarely reflected.

About adventure

Professor Lena Kåreland, who researches children's literature and gender, has shown that girls in children's books are more often in a home environment, while boys are more often out on adventures. Traditionally, toys have also supported the same pattern, where toys "for" girls practice qualities such as emotions, communication and caring. While toys "for" boys are meant for construction, imaginative play and adventure. But of course all children need both, and need both games and toys that help them practice many different things - as well as literature that reflects and inspires many different ways of being regardless of gender. In this book, the adventurous pirates are women, and we all need imagination and adventure because it is in imagination that we can be creative about what is possible and it is in adventure that we exercise our courage muscles.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop the ability to function individually and in groups, to cooperate, manage conflicts and understand rights and obligations as well as to take responsibility for common rules, the ability to listen to and reflect on the perceptions of others and to reflect and express own perceptions, imagination and imagination.” Lpfö 2018