Book guide: Falling stars in dinosaur land

Curious about dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs' play is replaced by a wild hunt. They catch more and more stars. But what happens when the sky turns dark?

Starfall in dinosaur land is a book about the beauty of both giving and taking.

Questions about friendship and conflict

The friends chase stars. They wonder who got the most. Have you ever competed with your friends? What happened then?

Bea blames Ayda who blames Queenie. Have you fallen out with someone? What happened then? How did you get back together? Can it be good to argue sometimes?

How do you feel when you fall out with someone? Where in the body do you feel that feeling?

Päivi decides to release a star. Why do you think Päivi does that?

Questions about food and play

When Queenie brings down the moon, the other friends get a little grumpy. Why do you think they will be?

In the dark, the friends try to play awkward. But they hit rocks and each other. Has it happened that a game didn't quite turn out as you had planned? How was it resolved?

The dinosaurs were herbivores. Do you know any other animals that only eat plants? What do those animals look like?

You can read about the dinosaurs in the book. When they lived they ate only plants and were the biggest dinosaurs that ever existed! What kind of food do you like?

About vegans

More and more people choose to eat vegan. Many do it for the sake of the climate and others for the sake of the animals - some do it for both. The climate crisis is acute, we must change.

Meat production for food accounts for 15% of the world's total emissions of greenhouse gases. The emissions come from the animals' digestion of feed, manure, transport, but above all from the large land use required for raising animals.

In this book we wanted to show four dinosaurs that were herbivores, one of which was the largest dinosaur that ever existed. Ayda Argentinosaurus lived on plants and was probably the largest and heaviest dinosaur that ever existed. It could be up to 30 meters long and weigh between 60 -100 tonnes!

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop an understanding of connections in nature and of nature's various cycles as well as of how people, nature and society affect each other, understanding of how people's different choices in everyday life can contribute to sustainable development." Lpfö 2018