Book guide: Look, the forest

Come with us into the forest!

The books in the Tittaserien consist of four books where we get to follow four different children during four different seasons. Watch the forest, Watch the sea, Watch the park and Watch the night . Watch the forest is about spring and discovering the forest with all the senses; taste, smell, listen, feel and hear.

Questions about family

The family is our first belonging and having it reflected in a positive and obvious way is important for all children. It is also important to reflect many different families to show that it is obvious that families are different and equally valuable. In the books in the Tittaserien, we see children together with different families and people who are caring. Families with a father, two mothers, an older sibling, a grandmother and a grandfather.

Who are you family with?

Questions about kisses and hugs

In the book, the child hugs and kisses the father. Closeness is cozy and consent is important. For example, asking if a person wants a hug. To teach all children that they are in control of their bodies, a good start is to start talking about kisses and hugs.

Do you enjoy hugging and cuddling?

Questions about the forest

The science is clear that we are living in a climate crisis. To motivate taking care of our environment and nature, it helps to have a relationship with nature. By experiencing nature, we can lay the foundation for a bond between man and nature. That is the author's idea with the reference books in the Tittaserien.

Have you been to the forest?

What do you like to do in the forest?

What animals are in the forest?

The preschool curriculum

"The education should give the children the opportunity to acquire an ecological and careful approach to their surrounding environment and to nature and society. The children must also be given the opportunity to develop knowledge about how the various choices that people make can contribute to sustainable development - both economically and socially as well as environmentally." Lpfö 2018