Book guide: Loo, the sea

The seagull, the wave - come with us to the sea!

The books in the Tittaserien consist of four books where we get to follow four different children during four different seasons. Watch the sea, Watch the park, Watch the forest and Watch the night. Titta the sea is about summer and discovering nature with all the senses; taste, smell, listen, feel and hear.

Questions about family

Families are different. Having their family reflected in a positive and obvious way is important for all children. At the same time, it is also important to show and talk about the diversity of different families that exist. Then it becomes obvious that families are precisely different and equally valuable. In the Titta havet books, the child has two mothers.

What different families are there at your preschool?

Questions about the sea

There is a lot of life in the sea. On earth there is more sea than land. 70% of the earth's surface consists of oceans. We humans have a close connection to the sea, a newborn baby is 80% water and an adult is 60% water. We have so much water in our body because it is a smart way to transport salts, carbohydrates and proteins to the right place in our bodies.

Have you been to the sea?
Have you tasted the sea?
Have you tasted the water in a lake?

Issues of consent

In the book Titta havet, the child hugs his sibling. It can be nice to cuddle and hug and we are all different. When we are going to hug, it is good to ask first if the person wants a hug, that way we can teach all children what consent is. Consent is about sensing, asking, respecting if someone doesn't want to, and when you get a no, accepting it and backing off.

Do you enjoy hugging and cuddling?
What can you do when a friend doesn't want a hug?

The preschool curriculum

"Children create context and meaning based on their experiences and ways of thinking. Therefore, in preschool they must meet respect for their person and their way of thinking and understanding the world around them. Everyone who works in the preschool must give each child the conditions to develop trust and self-confidence. They should encourage the children's curiosity, creativity and interest. The children's right to bodily and personal integrity must also be respected. This applies, among other things, in daily care and in matters of documentation." Lpfö 2018