Book guide: Look, the night

The stars twinkle - discover the night!

Watch the Night is about a child who is outside in the winter. The books in the Tittaserien consist of four books where we get to follow four different children during four different seasons. In Titta natten we get to follow a child who discovers winter with all his senses; taste, smell, listen, feel and hear.

Questions about snow

Snow can be wet, dry, cold and soft. We can look at the snow outside and we can try freezing water - will it snow?

What do you like to do when it's winter and snow?

Have you tried tasting snow?

Are there any animals that change the color of their fur in winter?

Questions about kisses and hugs

In Titta natten, the child hugs and kisses grandmother. Closeness is cozy and consent is important. For example, asking if a person wants a hug. To teach all children that they are in control of their bodies, a good start is to start talking about kisses and hugs.

Do you enjoy hugging and cuddling?

The preschool curriculum

"Everyone who works in the preschool must give each child the conditions to develop trust and self-confidence. They should encourage the children's curiosity, creativity and interest. The children's right to bodily and personal integrity must also be respected. This applies, among other things, in daily care and in matters of documentation." Lpfö 2018