Read and listen to e-books and audiobooks from OLIKA

In what format will my e-book come?

E-books from OLIKA are delivered in Epub format. It is a standard pre-ebook format and is recommended for most e-book apps and e-book readers. You can read the file on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. However, Epub does not work on Kindle, which is Amazon's e-book reader.

In which apps can I read an e-book from OLIKA?

Serial Reader
Marvin 3

How do I listen to audiobooks from OLIKA?


May I distribute a digital book?

Each e-book and audiobook is provided with a digital watermark that shows who owns a copy of the book. You can download and share your purchased books to multiple devices that you own and use. But it is not allowed to reproduce, copy or distribute your e-books or audiobooks so that others can read or listen to them. In most countries this is also prohibited by law.

Can I find your digital books elsewhere?

Our books are also available for purchase on, for example, Sesamy, Adlibris, Bokus and other sites that sell digital books. You can also borrow them from your local library. If they haven't taken the book in, it usually works well to wish them to take it in.