How to choose OLIKA product filters?

What books do you have about two mothers?
What books do you have with a person with brown skin in the main role?
Do you have books where someone has dysmelia?
Is there anyone with a hearing aid in any of your books?
I am looking for a book about girls and technology, do you have it?
I'm looking for books with caring guys, which ones can you recommend?
Which books that use them do you have?
Which books are vego in?

Which books are printed on recycled paper?

We get many exciting questions for our customer service and therefore we have created filters so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. The filters are based on the questions we receive and will develop and change over time. We gratefully accept feedback. Do the filters work and do they help you find what you are looking for? Are there filters you think we've missed?

A guide to OLIKA's product filter

Some books can be easily sorted into our filters, but others are a little trickier. Here we tell you more about how we have thought.

Pronoun/main role

Here, it is above all the protagonist's pronoun that we sorted by, except when it comes to he as a pronoun. These are books that use hen as a pronoun, and therefore we collect all books where hen is used in one and the same category. Sometimes there are several protagonists and then the book is included in several categories.

Skin color

We know that many people are looking for books where a main character has brown or dark brown skin. That's why we have included this category. Many of our books are populated by people with different skin colors, but for those who are looking for main roles in particular, we hope that this filter can make it easier.


Which family forms are prominent? We have omitted that question when we created this filter. Two mothers, two fathers or one father or one mother. Those who also have older people can be found in the "multiple generations" filter. Many of our books have children in the main role without family, and then everyone is free to add their family, as it looks.


Gay, bi, straight, trans, here we collect the titles that elevate it in different ways. It could be the main role who is trans, such as Congratulations, Svea Fors! or it is Hedvig Lindahl, the role model in the football books about her, where those books end up in the "gay" category.


Many children live in several houses and yet it is unusual for books to reflect this, especially for the younger children. Here we want to highlight the books for those who, for example, live every two weeks with different parents.


Dysmelia, braille, adhd, glasses, wheelchair, Down syndrome, hearing aid or white cane? We know that many children appreciate the representation and being able to recognize themselves for a moment.


In all books where there is food, it is always vegan, it has been since the beginning. We are also starting to get more and more books with vegan food in them. In this category, there are only books where there is food in the book, the book is not in any of these (vego or vegan) there is no food in the book.


Here we help you who want to buy even more sustainable and recycled paper. We are replenishing and soon hope that our entire range will be recycled paper. But v is not there yet.

Climate labeling

FSC is a label that is about the paper coming from responsible harvesting, but it is not enough in the long run. It does not say anything about how the production of the book looks like, and therefore we have chosen to only print at Swan-labelled printers. As long as we buy new papers, our requirement is that they be Swan-labelled, but the recycled papers that have been found do not always have the Swan, on the other hand, some of them have the EU flower, which is the European equivalent of the Swan.