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En person håller upp boken Skräphjältarna och ser glad ut.

Create books that change!

Are you a company or an organization that wants to highlight a topic in the form of a children's book? Then we are the right partner. We have a large contact network of authors and illustrators and support the project from idea to finished book. Always with the vision of high-quality books that contribute to an inclusive society. For us, it is important that it is an idea that we can stand behind, and that can also be done in a norm-creative way. We publish the books as part of OLIKA's publishing. Linköping municipality, the Red Cross, the Bandy Federation and Rinkeby-Kista district administration are some of our satisfied customers.

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Children's book about PTSD with the Red Cross

" We wanted to work with a publisher that breaks the norm and can shed light on children's reality outside the wider tracks."

The Red Cross Treatment Center for War Wounded and Tortured wanted a children's book that also reflected what it can be like for children to live with a parent who has PTSD. We worked on editing the book, finding the right illustrator, putting everything together into a warm and exciting story about Adnan. The book was presented at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

To Adnan's secret

The trash heroes with Rinkeby-Kista district administration

"Wonderful books! We are delighted with the fine work you have done! Thank you very much!"

Laura Sanches, sustainability strategist at Rinkeby-Kista district administration wanted a children's book that encourages adults and children to throw away the rubbish where it should be, in the bin! We met the children at the preschool who drew and told stories about their ideas. Inspired by the children's ideas, Magical Metal, Peppy Plastic, Cool Compost and Sparkling Glass were created. A fun way to work on important issues!

To the Trash Heroes

Roman children's books with Linköping municipality

When the municipality of Linköping had to develop ideas and methods for Roma integration, we created three children's books together. We interviewed Roma children and based on their stories we dramatized three titles. Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson, who is also a traveling Roma, has done the lovely illustrations. We also arranged a release with dancing and a speech by the mayor of Linköping, as well as visits from both radio and newspapers. An important and successful project that gave positive identification to Roma children!

To the books inspired by Roma children
Porträtt av Linnéa Larsson som håller upp boken Flippa bollen, Linnéa!

Bandy book together with the Bandyförbundet

When the Bandy Federation wanted to attract more girls to the sport, the idea of ​​a children's book inspired by the star Linnéa Larsson came up. We thought it sounded exciting and that it would fit well in our sports star series. We project managed everything from the idea and interviews with the star to the final book. The bandy association bought 1000 books and gave them to young people who were curious about the sport and we have continued to work on spreading the books to libraries, schools and associations. The book was presented at Bandyveckan in SVT!

To the bandy books
Illustration. Pappa med spädbarn sitter i ett väntrum. En från vården står framför med utsträcka armar.

Equal parenting with region Skåne

When Region Skåne was to produce a method book on equal parenting for maternal health care and child health care, they looked for a collaboration partner who could both critique standards and produce books. We did everything from editing and finding illustrators to creating print-ready files. The completed book "Equal parenting - for the best of the children", was awarded the Great Equality Prize and Maria Borgelöv has done the fine illustrations.