Book package: School 6-9 years

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Type: Bokpaket

Build a normcreative bookshelf with books from OLIKA!

The book package contains children's books that are suitable for reading out loud and books for those who have cracked the reading code, rhyming picture books, modern fairy tales and clever things for school. Meet different families, friendships and conflicts, gender identity, skin color, functional diversity, love and being a new arrival - well, simply all different!

The diversity in the books helps you make human rights more visable, which is part of the mission in the school's curriculum. The norm-critical perspective is recommended by the Swedish National Agency for Education in the work with equal treatment and in the work against bullying, discrimination and harassment. By choosing fiction that interacts with the school's curriculum, reading becomes part of the educational activities and helps to live up to the school's core values. And best of all – it's both fun and easy!