Playing cards for children

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Play with the deck where the queen has the number 13 and the king 12!

Fun card game from Elsa & Sam that challenges stereotypes! With colorful illustrations that contribute to equality and equality. Can also be used as a fun math game.

The deck contains:
Cards between 1-13 with illustrations & symbols
Cards with math symbols + - x / = for fun math games

Math game, three suggestions:

- Draw a card in the deck, and find the cards that add up to the same sum. Depending on the child's age, the level can be adjusted by selecting a few cards or using the entire deck.

- Put together a maths number where the child has to find the correct answer in a pile of cards that you adapt to the child's age.

- Put together a math number including the sum and leave out + -x / , and the child can show which mathematical signs should be used to solve the number.


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