Storytime with Dragqueens: Cinderella

149 kr
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Type: Sagostund

Follow your heart and dare to be who you are! Join amazing drag queens as they read aloud from OLIKA's version of Cinderella.

Cinderella dreams of adventure and joy. She wants to get away from her aunt and her cousins ​​who are horrible to live with. One day the Princess invites the whole kingdom to a ball, but Cinderella has to stay at home and do her chores. The next day, everyone is wondering who the dancing stranger was. The princess is so curious that she sends out her special forces to search.

Lady Busty and Miss Shameless love to invite you into their colorful world full of love, friendship and joy! With bags full of books, wigs and sequins, they go to preschools and libraries and read aloud to children.

How does it happen?
1) Choose how many children will take part in the story time.
2) When you have bought the story time, you play it from your account here at If you do not already have an account, you will be asked to create one.
3) The story time remains for 1 month and you can watch it as many times as you want.
4) ATTENTION! Only those who have paid for the storytime are allowed to take part in it. A fine is issued if you violate this.

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Cinderella is intended for 3-6 years, but can work for 6-9 years as well.

Story time with fantastic Dragqueens Lady Busty and Miss Shameless are 20-30 minute long films with reading aloud and clever and funny musings. The film will be available for one month from the time you bought the story time.

The storytimes are produced by Tove Rosander and Kristina Henkel. Once you have purchased a Storytime, it will be available as a video in your account. Are you more than 10 children who will watch the story time? For example, preschool, school, library or children's party. Contact us and you will receive a group discount.

A fine is issued for people who take part in the story time without having paid. The story time may not be passed on to other people, preschools, schools or libraries. The film is protected by copyright law.