Gör som Gluntens Montessoriskola - stärk arbetslag och elever med utbildning och böcker från OLIKA!

Do like Glunten's Montessori school - strengthen work teams and students with education and books from OLIKA!

Do like Glunten's Montessori school - strengthen work teams and students with education and books from OLIKA!

Glunten's Montessori school has taken our digital course Normcreativity in school, and then supplemented with our large book package for school. Here, leisure leader Linnéa Norman talks about how they have worked with inclusion and gives valuable tips to other schools that want to do the same.

We took the Normcreativity training at school during our monthly evening meetings. Together we could discuss and come up with ideas on how to use what we learned practically in the business.

We found the training very educational and interesting because we have a business with many students with different needs. The training gave us concrete and pedagogical methods and practical tools to use within all ages.

The training has created an openness between both teachers and students, which has led to a more inclusive activity. The students have also gained a greater understanding of each other!

Through various projects and activities, we have worked both theoretically and practically with standards. Some areas we have worked on:

  • Offensive language - mark when someone says something - always act. The three-step method, talk and create an openness in the business. Online chat through questions and conversations based on films.

  • Emotions - image support, dance stop, greater breadth of how emotions can look, role play/drama with controlled emotions, learning to read other people's emotions.

  • Gut feeling - good and bad secrets, work with breathing and relaxation. Role playing, working with self-esteem - strengthening the "I."

In addition to tools for meeting and working with students from a norm-creative perspective, we in the staff have also developed within the work team.

After the education, we have had books from OLIKA at the top of our wish list, and did not hesitate for a second to order the book package School 6-12 years when we had the opportunity. A book package with lots of books that we longed for. Now we are so excited to read together with the students! Our tip is to take DIFFERENT digital courses together and then work with their book package! You won't regret it - choose DIFFERENT!

Thank you Linnéa and Glunten's Montessori school because you wanted to share and because you choose DIFFERENT! ❤️

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