Illustratör - Carl Flint

Illustratör - Carl Flint

Who is Carl Flint ?

Carl Flint lives in Sheffield and has illustrated several books published in England. He has previously lived and worked in London, Malmö and Gothenburg. During the 1990s, Carl worked for the English comic magazine Sonic the Comic, where he did over 40 covers and drew a large number of comics.

Today, Carl works a lot making storyboards for film and TV productions in both England and Sweden. For OLIKA, Carl creates the books about Lyckeskolan together with his close friend Ebba Berg.

Who is in love with Abel Svensson? was the first book in the series. Since then, Abel has been joined by a whole bunch of classmates, where each book is about a child in the class.

Carl about Lyckeskolan

"In the series about the School of Happiness, I have tried to work in an expressive and colorful style without being too cute or mushy. I've been aiming for a retro feel, but with a modern twist. I want to make illustrations that are firmly rooted in a reality that the reader can identify with, while also being fun and exciting.”