Magic with Karam Nadjar

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Type: Lättläst
Författare: Ebba Berg
Illustratör: Carl Flint

Would you like to learn how to cast spells?

Karam is great at magic. He has practiced all the way from Syria to Sweden. One day, his new friend Anna also wants to learn how to do magic. But Karam doesn't want that. A magician must not reveal his tricks!

In the easy-to-read book Magic with Karam Nadjar we get to meet newly arrived Karam, who goes to Lyckeskolan. In the series about the children in Lyckeskolan, each book is about a child in the class. Different families, friendships, conflicts, gender identity, trans identity, skin color, disability, love, homelessness and being a new arrival - well, simply everything's different!

What is OLIKA? ❤️

  • The obvious thing about welcoming refugees in school
  • A brave and resourceful mother
  • Fast with a funky person in a wheelchair



The book is Svanen-labelled - good for our climate and for our children! Here you can read more about our climate work.

Age approx: 6-9 years
ISBN: 9789188613448
Format: Hard cover, hardcover book
Size: 15.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of pages: 36
Weight: 190 g
Paper: EU flower-labeled recycled Cyclus Silk from Lecta, produced in Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, France
Printer: Nordic Ecolabelled printing house Dardedze Holografija in Riga, Latvia


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