Book guide: The mystery among the high-rises

A homeless Teddy bear, strong feelings and friendship.

Whose teddy bear is in the puddle? Vilhelm will find out. But before he can, other children want to play with the teddy bear. They think the teddy bear is dead and want to play funeral. What will Vilhelm do now?

Questions about being abandoned, play and feelings

Vilhelm finds a teddy bear that seems completely abandoned. He takes it home and puts up notes in the hope that someone will call. Have you found a toy, or something else, that was abandoned somewhere?

Vilhelm loves the color pink! Do you have a color that you like more than any other? And that you like to wear?

Vilhelm gets sad when Alina, Hamid and Yoyo play funeral with the teddy bear. They haven't asked if it is
ok they play with it. Has it happened that someone wanted
play something you didn't want to? How did it feel? How can one
do for everyone to join in a game?

Someone is coming to collect the teddy bear. Vilhelm is happy because of the teddy bear. But the next day someone threw it in the garbage room. Vilhelm then decides to keep the teddy bear. Why do you think he does that?

Questions about play and being responsive

When Alina comes to visit Vilhelm, she takes apart a police car that Vilhelm has just built. Has someone taken apart something you built? How did it feel? Have you done that to anyone else? What can one do for
that the game should be fun for both, do you think?

Vilhelm likes to line up his stuffed animals in bed. Is there anything you especially like about playing with? What do you like about it?

Vilhelm invites his friends to a stuffed animal party. Have you been to a party where you got to bring something you like to play with?
What do you think can be fun about sharing what one likes?

About play

In this book, three of the children play funeral with an abandoned teddy bear, while one child looks on sadly. Play is the children's school, in which feelings, relationships, characteristics and roles are practiced. The game also provides space for the children to explore. The
also allows us to develop the body such as balance, muscles and courage. A quick analysis in a toy store not only that children are expected to play with different toys depending on the gender, but also that the players should practice different skills, such as relationships or imagination, proximity or distance, movement or fine motor skills and so on.

A good strategy can be to help children try many different kinds of play, so that the play gives the child more opportunities to practice and develop skills and interests.

The preschool curriculum

"The preschool must give every child the conditions to develop curiosity, creativity and desire to play and learn, ability to function individually and in groups, cooperate, handle conflicts and understand rights and obligations as well as to take responsibility for common rules, ability to listen to and reflect over the perceptions of others and to reflect and give expression to one's own perceptions.” Lpfö 2018