On the run: chased by the mom cop!

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Type: Bilderbok
Författare: Jonna Kilstam
Illustratör: Johanna Arpiainen

Is it difficult to get to preschool in the morning? Do like the siblings in the mom cop book and make it a game. It's about sneaking, and not being discovered!

Stop! The mom cop reappears out of nowhere.
Help, she's chasing us! We don't have a chance.
She's trying to catch me, now it's a crisis.
But, what is she doing? What kind of funny cop is she?

In On the run - chased by the mom cop! the simple and everyday life becomes an exciting game. A rhyming picture book with the world's best big brother. Suitable both as reading aloud and as inspiration for play and mischief!

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A loving and resourceful teenage brother
Main character with hearing aid
A playful mother who is a police officer


The book is Svanen-labelled - good for our climate and for our children! Here you can read more about our climate work.

Age approx: 3-6 years
ISBN: 9789188613400
Format: Hard cover, hardcover book
Size: 22.0 x 22.0 cm
Number of pages: 32
Weight: 240 g
Paper: EU flower-labeled recycled Cyclus Silk from Lecta, produced in Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, France
Printer: Nordic Ecolabelled printing house Dardedze Holografija in Riga, Latvia
E-book: -
Audiobook: -

Customer Reviews

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Vi älskar den här boken

Min son älskar På rymmen: jagad av mamma polis! Han har cochleimplantat och tycker att det är så kul att barnet i boken också hör med apparater!😀


Det finns mycket jag tycker om med den här boken. Allt egentligen.
Den är skriven med finurliga rim, en äventyrskänsla, o-könade karaktärer, och starka syskon-/familjeband. Resultatet blir vardagligt och supermysigt.