Book guide: Little Red Riding Hood

Have you met a wolf?

Little Red Riding Hood lives in a small cabin deep in the forest. One day he wants to visit his sick grandfather. - Only if you walk the straight path and don't leave the path, says the father. Little Red Riding Hood promises it. But that's easier said than done. Because there are more people living in the forest. And Little Red Riding Hood meets someone who hasn't eaten in days...

A modern and unexpected interpretation of the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Questions about Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf and heroes

Little Red Riding Hood's grandfather is ill, so Little Red Riding Hood brings him coffee and flowers. If someone you knew was sick, what do you think you would take with you?

Little Red Riding Hood's father asks Little Red Riding Hood to follow the path. Why do you think the father said that? What do you think the father is afraid of?

The wolf is very hungry, she has not been able to hunt because she is injured. What is stuck in the Wolf's paw? Have you ever seen litter in the woods? What do you think we should do if we see litter in the forest?

The forest ranger is the hero of the story, she saves Little Red Riding Hood and Grandpa. What does it mean for someone to be a hero? Who are your heroes?

Questions about names, mischief and helping

Little Red Riding Hood loves his coat so much that he starts calling himself Little Red Riding Hood. If you could choose a nickname, what would it be?

Little Red Riding Hood loves the forest. Have you seen any animals in the forest? Which one? Have you found something you can eat in the forest? How did it taste?

The forest ranger, Little Red Riding Hood and Grandpa play tricks with the Wolf. What do you think of the bus? Are there good and bad pranks?

The forest ranger asks the Wolf if she wants to help in the forest. Why do you think the ranger does that? How do you think the wolf feels when she is asked if she wants to help?

About environment

The climate crisis means that we have to change. We must find new ways to relate to nature and the earth and change our way of life and consumption patterns. The prerequisite for us to care about and protect our environment is that we get a relationship with nature early on. By experiencing it in reality and in literature, we can lay the foundation for such a bond between man and nature, which is crucial for a sustainable future.

About identification

One role that the book has is to offer identification, or as the Swedish Children's Book Academy puts it: "The book helps us understand ourselves. It strengthens our self-esteem to discover that there are others who think and feel like us.” Since gender is such a relevant aspect in our society, it becomes a strong identification factor. In Rödluvan, the forest ranger is a woman and the guardian is a caring father. This is a way to break traditional expectations about who can do and be what.

The preschool curriculum

"The education should give the children the opportunity to acquire an ecological and careful approach to their surrounding environment and to nature and society. The children must also be given the opportunity to develop knowledge about how the various choices that people make can contribute to sustainable development - both economically and socially as well as environmentally." Lpfö 2018