Book package: School 6-12 years

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Build a normcreative bookshelf with books from OLIKA!

The diversity in the books helps you make human rights more visable, which is part of the mission in the school's curriculum. For the youngest, there is the book series about Children in the Lyckeskolan and Malva in the stable. For those who have progressed further in their reading, the chapter books Uppdragsserien and the books about Soccer Stars are suitable. From about nine years and up, we have the story of Rakel in the book Allt mod jag har , as well as the fantasy books in the series about Spökskolan and Isporten .

By choosing fiction that interacts with the school's curriculum, reading becomes part of the educational activities, and helps you live up to the school's core values. And best of all – it's both fun and easy!