Could it happen again? About the Holocaust and World War II (recycled paper)

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Type: Kapitelbok
Författare: Jesper Lundqvist
Illustratör: Fideli Sundqvist

Was Hitler born evil? How is xenophobia normalized? Why did it take so long before Hitler was stopped? And what can we do together to prevent it from happening again?

Not long ago, Hitler started a world war and a genocide. It shouldn't have happened, but it did anyway. And this is the story of how the nasty and cruel thing happened. Because it is important to remember and understand even what is terrible. That's how we make sure it doesn't happen again.

Could it happen again? is an illustrated non-fiction book for children, aged 9-12, about the Second World War and the Holocaust, which both describes what happens and helps to understand how it could become as horrible as it did. In the same way as with other violence, there is a normalization process and we all need to know about it, even children. Only then we can interpret what is happening and understand what it can lead to. Like how bad it can get when we divide people into different groups, where some are seen as worse than others.

What is OLIKA?

  • Simply and straightforwardly written about a heavy subject
  • Makes the dangerous normalization process visible
  • Connects the past to the present and encourages reflection


Could it happen again? is printed on recycled EU-blomman marked paper on a Svanen-labelled printing house - good for our climate and for our children!

OLIKA's climate footprint in 2022 = 0.6 kg carbon dioxide/book 🍃 Read more about  our active climate work !

Age approx: 6-9 years
ISBN: 9789189405318
Format: Hard cover, hardcover book
Size: 24*20 cm
Number of pages: 138
Weight: 250 g
Paper: EU flower-labeled recycled Cyclus Silk from Lecta, produced in Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, France
Printer: Nordic Ecolabelled printing house Dardedze Holografija in Riga, Latvia


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