Book package: Lyckeskolan 6-9 years

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The children in Lyckeskolan! Each book is about a child in the class.

Different families, friendships and conflicts, gender identity, trans identity, skin color, disability, love, homelessness and being a new arrival - yes, simply everything's different! This series makes human rights visible in a simple and fun way.

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The package includes 10 books: Who is in love with Abel Svensson? (love, one or more), Timmy Kent and the mysterious carrots (Down syndrome), Happy Birthday, Svea Fors! (trans), Are you right, Simon Nordin? (equality, fear), You're a star, Amy! (every other week accommodation, equality), Do you want to be together, Katja Virtanen? (consent, love) Are you kidding, Märta Grön? (equality, consent), Magic with Karam Nadjar (migration, new arrival), A job for Nora Henriksson (homelessness), Pardis is here! (they/them and being themselves).

What is OLIKA?❤️

  • Funny stories about equal rights
  • Different gender identities and she, they and he
  • Different family forms are portrayed in a positive way


OLIKA's climate footprint in 2022 = 0.6 kg carbon dioxide/book 🍃
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