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Type: Bilderbok
Författare: Åsa Mendel-Hartvig
Illustratör: Caroline Röstlund

Unfair! is a small book, about big feelings. Being too big or too small to do things.

Lillskrot can ride a cart. Bulk scrap has to go. Unfair!
Small scraps get dirty with the food. Large junk must eat properly. Unfair!
Large junk can cozy up on the sofa. Small scraps have to settle. Unfair!

A picture book with high recognition by both children and adults and an unexpected twist that becomes a fun twist!

What is different? ❤️

  • About jealousy in a quirky way
  • Family where children and adults have different skin colors
  • Dad with necklace



The book is Swan-labelled - good for our climate and for our children! Here you can read more about our climate work.


Ålder ca: 1-3 år
ISBN:  9789185845835
Format: Hård pärm, inbunden bok
Storlek: 18,6 x 18,5 cm
Antal sidor: 28
Vikt: 185 g
Papper: EU-blomman-märkt återvunnet Cyclus Silk från Lecta, producerat i Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare, Frankrike
Tryckeri: Svanenmärkta tryckeriet Dardedze Holografija i Riga, Lettland
E-bok: -
Ljudbok: -


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